Something is not right here…

All Canadian taxpayers are required by law to comply with highly complex tax legislation when planning their personal or business related financial affairs.  Would you agree that the average taxpayer does not have the time or desire, especially if they are business owners, to keep up to date on tax legislation and ensure they doing are things correctly to pay the least amount of tax required by the legislation?

It is our opinion at Feindel Tremere Inc. Chartered Professional Accountants that there is something unfair about this system, especially if the taxpayer cannot afford to hire competent advisors at very high service rates that are out of reach of for the average taxpayer, to worry about these areas of their personal and business lives for them.  To us, this represents a large barrier for the average taxpayer to break through.  We all know CRA can come knocking at anytime and if there are skeletons in the taxpayer’s closet, CRA will find them.  Feindel Tremere Inc. Chartered Professional Accountants was created to bridge this gap so that individuals, business owners (personal and corporate), and trusts can gain peace of mind regarding their financial affairs at an affordable price.


Of course, we offer high quality financial statements, tax returns, advice, analysis, business structure design, and accounting guidance but these items are not our product.  The product we sell is peace of mind.

Feindel Tremere Inc. Chartered Professional Accountants is a privately-owned accounting firm in Bridgewater, NS that specializes in providing taxpayers (personal, corporate and trusts) with peace of mind regarding their personal and business financial affairs.  Our service offerings include:

  • Preparation/e-filing of personal tax returns;
  • Corporate year end services – financial statement preparation and preparation/e-filing of corporate tax returns;
  • Preparation/e-filing of trust and estate returns;
  • Preparation/filing of HST returns
  • Business incorporations and valuations;
  • Corporate Reorganizations;
  • Assistance with business purchases and sales;
  • Business succession planning;
  • Tax planning, research and opinions;
  • HST advice;
  • Business excellence consulting.


About Us

About Us

Mark Feindel, CPA, CA

Mark was born and continues to reside on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia.  His first passion was skateboarding and he dreamed of making it to a professional level one day.  His ability on a skateboard, however, was not in line with this dream.

The interesting part of this is that through skateboarding he found music and continues to write, record, and perform music in his various bands. In Mark’s musical world, he specializes in drumming.  He takes great pride in the responsibility of being the band’s heart beat and foundation.  Luckily for his clients, Mark has taken this passion into his professional career as a tax accountant.  Mark has been specializing in taxation since 2009 and has never looked back.  The foundation to a healthy financial situation is a healthy tax situation.

Mark has over 15 years of experience in the public accounting industry.  He articled with KPMG and obtained his CA designation in 2006.  He studied in-depth taxation with Grant Thornton and owned his own accounting firm M.W. Feindel Chartered Accountant Inc. before creating Feindel Tremere Inc. Chartered Professional Accountants with his talented business partner Marilyn Tremere, CPA, CGA.

Mark can be reached at mark@ftcpa.ca

Marilyn Tremere, CPA, CGA

Marilyn was born and raised in beautiful Mahone Bay on the South Shore of Lunenburg County.  In school, she was a bit of a goody-two-shoes; she always had her homework done on time and didn’t get into any trouble.  She’s kept those traits her whole life, as boring as that may sound.

After graduating from business college, she was hired at a bank for the summer to cover vacations and ended up staying for 23 years.  While there, she started working towards the CGA accounting designation, and graduated in 2006.  She’s been working in the accounting world ever since.  Her passion is financial accounting, but she also loves helping people save tax.

She spends her spare time with family, both two and four-legged, learning and improving her knitting skills, and watching birds at the feeders at her home.

She’s never been a risk taker but starting this business venture with Mark has been a great experience.  She believes it’s never too late to try something new and to reach for your dreams.  The main thing is to do what makes you happy.

Marilyn can be reached at marilyn@ftcpa.ca


Tanya Cooper, Senior Accountant

Tanya was born and raised in the famed Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. After a childhood of travelling to the more remote parts of BC and Alberta, her natural curiosity turned into a thirst for travel and history. During a vacation to visit family when she was toddler, Tanya decided she wanted to live in Nova Scotia. This item was crossed of one of her famous lists in 2004.

Her curiosity has also resulted in knowledge and experience in a number of different industries such as hospitality, retail, IT, and health care. She started working towards a business degree on a part-time basis while running her own massage therapy clinic.

It was a perfect situation that Feindel Tremere Inc was both in the same building and in need of another set of hands when she was ready to close her clinic! Tanya came on board in November of 2019, and has put her lists and endless questions to good use. She looks forward to the start of her CPA courses to obtain her designation in the (hopefully!) near future.

Tanya can be reached at tanya@ftcpa.ca